August | 5 Day | Figurative Painting Angel Academy Style | Brian Smyth

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August | 5 Day | Figurative Painting Angel Academy Style | Brian Smyth


20th - 24th August, 2018

Days: 5 days

10am - 4pm

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In this intensive 1 week workshop, Brian Smyth, former instructor at the Angel Academy of Art Florence, will teach the methods of Figure Painting, practiced at some of the academy's of realist painting in Florence.

The workshop will begin with a series of demonstrations and exercises designed to introduce to the students the ideas and principles of academic figure painting. These will enhance the students abilities to render the impression of form and will strengthen their understanding of gesture and proportion.

Brian will demonstrate and explain how to set up a colour palette and the mixing of flesh tones. All aspects of the academic approach to figure painting will be discussed, including brushes, mediums and colours will be covered at this stage.
Students will then learn a step-by-step approach to painting the live model from a single,sustained pose.
They will learn the full process from the initial construct and gesture stage through to the final fully rendered working of the figure.

About Brian:



Brian Smyth is an Irish landscape and figurative award-winning graduate of the Crawford College of Art and
Design in Cork, living and workiing in Florence, Italy. He has had several successful solo exhibitions in
Dublin and London and has participated in and curated many group exhibitions. He has completed many
private commissions, including a 14-painting Stations of the Cross commission for a church restoration project
in his native Co. Cork.

Brian has his works in many private and public collections and continues to develop his technique, to exhibit
his paintings and to work on portrait commissions.

Brian began his studies in The Angel Academy, in Florence, in 2012 and has worked there as an instructor
since 2013.