June | "Access the truth of being through Art " Colour Therapy Workshop | Sinead Wyse


June | "Access the truth of being through Art " Colour Therapy Workshop | Sinead Wyse


June 24th

10am - 4pm

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In this workshop I empower people to connect with their creativity, through COLOUR and the AURA-SOMA colour care system. Using colour as a guide will enable you to paint intuitively, letting the creative energy flow. 


The act of creating art is therapeutic. Every one of us lived like artists as children and we have the ability to bring back this powerful form of expression and self healing. Creativity may be one of the greatist things about being human and art can be a great teacher for us on this evolutionary journey.

If you would like to learn more about COLOUR and how it can guide you to paint intuitively, or to break through a belief that you cannot paint, then this workshop is for you !!

You also have the oportunity to connect with the amazing Aur-Soma colour care system described as colour therapy for the soul. It consists of over 100 beautiful jewel-like bottles of dual-coloured liquids known as equilibrium bottles. They incorporate plant extracts, essential oils and the energies and extracts of crystals.

About Sinead

My paintings are inspired by my passions for colour and the Aura-Soma Colour Care system. I paint in a very spontaneous way in my own style using acrylics. If I am sketching at home or in Italy I use my amazing watercolour brushpens.


I am facinated how colour plays a big part in our lives from creating an atmosphere in a living space to affecting our wellbeing and emotions. So therefore I love sharing the beauty and energy of colour through my paintings. I never know until I am finished how a painting will look as I totally trust my intuition and let colour be my guide.

During my 4 year training in Environmental Design with the College of Marketing and Design, Dublin, I became passionate about the world of COLOUR. It was clear to me that colour played a big part in our lives, from creating an atmosphere in a living space to affecting our emotions. Over the subsequent years studying Aura-Soma, I gained a deeper understanding of colour and was able to make the connection between COLOUR and ENERGY.

"This colour system supports us in the inner journey towards ourself. Through your choice of the Equilibrium colour combinations the soul finds a way to express itself and touch the underlying themes of your life in a way that goes beyond language."


Materials :

Students are asked to bring along paper and any medium they wish to work with.