Friday x6 (Morning) | Figure drawing using the sight-size method | Nicholas Robinson


Friday x6 (Morning) | Figure drawing using the sight-size method | Nicholas Robinson

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10 am - 1 pm

March 16th




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Drawing from the nude has been a time honoured method of improving the artist's eye, understanding, and technique. The sight-size method of figure drawing is a practical method of developing a direct relationship between the model and our artwork. By drawing the model the same size as it is in appears in our sight helps quickly improve our skill in representing the proportions and gesture of the figure in a visual and realistic style. 


The course consists of step-by-step group and individual instruction in this technique over the 6 weeks in one 18 hour pose. Some of the specifics in the course will include use of materials and ways of looking as well as conceptual drawing skills such as design, drawing, gesture, proportions, simple anatomy, light & dark, form, values, manipulating contrast, edges, etc.

Materials :

1) a few sheets of white or grey drawing paper - A2/ A3 sizes. 

2) some pencils - 3H, 2H, H, HB, 2B, 3B, 3) a kneadable eraser.

4) masking tape. 

5) some medium grade sandpaper - 80 to 120 grit. 

6) a scalpel or retractable blade.  


About the artist:

Nicholas finished his post-graduate studies at Ireland’s National College of Art & Design (NCAD) in 2009, having previously graduated from the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork. Thoroughly disillusioned by art education in Ireland, Nicholas searched elsewhere and was introduced to the American ateliers in Florence, in which students study exclusively from life, by the Irish painter Gearoid Hayes.

Subsequently Nicholas quit his teaching career and attended the Florence Academy of Art, Sweden under the tutelage of the Swedish painter Joakim Ericsson. Nicholas received a pair of drawing awards during his time at the school in Sweden and returned to Ireland in 2013. He is now exhibiting nationally, and works and teaches out of in his studio in Dublin city-centre.

Nicholas won the Florence Academy of Art Drawing award twice including "Best Bargue of 2011"