Wednesdays x 6 | Portrait Painting from a Photograph (any medium) | Neil Condron

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Wednesdays x 6 | Portrait Painting from a Photograph (any medium) | Neil Condron


Commencing 10th  January





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Having your model pose for hours over many sittings while you carefully capture their image might be the purest form of portrait painting, however this timeless method tends to a rare luxury in the digital age. Also try getting a child to stay still for more than a minute....!

Swapping the purity of tradition for the opportunities of technology can still provide some stunning results. During this six week course we will initially look at the best way of getting the best photo reference, lighting, composition etc. We will then look at techniques to transfer/convert the image to the canvas/paper and finally the painting techniques using your preferred painting medium.

Week 1. Getting the best reference photo and choosing the best medium: Taking the best photo reference(s) of your subject. Choosing the ideal photo (not all good photos make great paintings!). Cropping, composition and colour. Choosing the most suitable medium. 

Week 2. From photo to canvas/paper: Getting the proportions right is vital for a good portrait...and there are lots of ways of skinning that cat - we'll kook at a number of options. 

Week 3. Commence sketch-work and underpainting: Making the foundation marks on your canvas or paper and laying down the first layer.

Weeks 4 & 5 Painting your portrait: I will work with you as you bring your painting to life.


Advanced students may wish to use the full six weeks to paint their portrait.

This class would not be suitable for beginners.

Limited to 8 students.