Monday (Morning) x 3 | Intensive Figure Painting Masterclass | Nicholas Robinson

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Monday (Morning) x 3 | Intensive Figure Painting Masterclass | Nicholas Robinson


Monday 13th, 20th & 27th May

9.30am - 2pm

(13.5 Hrs)

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This course will be delivered over 3 Monday mornings from 9.30am to 2pm. The student will be painting the nude in oil, Nicholas will instruct in sketching the nude using limited oil palette.

The course will comprise a step-by-step introduction in figurative painting methods, including demonstrations, individual instruction, theory and direction on how to use materials, and oil paint to describe the proportion, anatomy and gesture of the figure and light-effect in one pose over the 3 teaching mornings.

About The Tutor

Nicholas Benedict Robinson

Florence Academy of Art prize winner and graduate. Nicholas finished his post graduate studies in Ireland’s National College of At & Design (NCAD) in 2009


He had previously graduated from the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork. Thoroughly disillusioned by art education in Ireland, Nicholas searched elsewhere and was introduced to the American ateliers in Florence, in which students study exclusively from life, by the Irish painter Gearoid Hayes.

Subsequently Nicholas quit his teaching career and attended the Florence Academy of Art, Sweden under the tutelage of the Swedish painter Joakim Ericsson.

Nicholas received a pair of drawing awards during his time at the school in Sweden and returned to Ireland in 2013. He is now exhibiting nationally, and works and teaches out of in his studio in Dublin city-centre.

Materials List

The basic materials list is:

• a canvas
(suggested size 40x30cm up to 90x50cm, but it's up to the individual 60x40cm is what I would use)
• Brushes
• Palette
• Palette knife
• Black/ raw umber /red /ochre /white oils
• Sansodor
• A preferred medium.

The detailed materials list is:

• brown baking paper (for storing oil paint)
• Vanish soap (for cleaning brushes)
• Sansodor (odourless solvent)
• Preferred medium (I would use linseed oil)
• Medium cup
• Wooden palette
• Palette knife
• Canvas


(Michael Harding/ Old Holland recommended)

1. Raw Umber
2. Ultramarine Blue
3. Titanium White
4. Yellow ochre or Old Holland Yellow Ochre Light
5. Cadmium red
6. Transparent Red Oxide
7. Alizarin Crimson
8. Ivory black


A range of about 10+ flat and filbert brushes in different sizes. From Evans art shop I suggest:
• Winton Flats 1 to 4
• Winton Filberts 1 to 8
• Winton Short Flat Brights 2 to 8
• Richard Oliver Flat Hogs 0 to 4
• Richard Oliver Hog Filberts 1 to 6 Also the Mr. Price Royal & Langnickel brushes are fine.
Get 2 packets of those and you’re away in a hack. (Pictured)
Plumb line (a 60-70cm piece of thin string or thread with a small fishing weight attached to one end but I will bring these)
• hand mirror
• black mirror (a piece of Lacobel black glass available from the glazier)