December | Two Day | Finding your Vision - Still Life in Oil | Bairbre Duggan

Peonies 30 x 30 oil on panel (2).jpg
Red currants 24 x 35 oil on canvas (2016_09_14 14_08_11 UTC) (2).JPG
Peonies 30 x 30 oil on panel (2).jpg
Red currants 24 x 35 oil on canvas (2016_09_14 14_08_11 UTC) (2).JPG

December | Two Day | Finding your Vision - Still Life in Oil | Bairbre Duggan


December 9th & 10th (Monday & Tuesday)

10am - 4pm

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About this Two Day Still Life Workshop

Over the course of this two day workshop we will focus predominantly on flowers, fruit and other familiar still life objects, jumping right in to painting simple set ups, looking at composition, tonality, colour choices and harmony, simplifying shapes and values, colour mixing and delivery of the paint.

As we are getting near the festive season, we can even inject a bit of Christmas in our set ups if we want! (wrapped presents, seasonal flowers or decorations, for example)

We will work on : 

  • Developing and having a vision (maybe the most important thing!)

  • Setting up your still life and composition

  • The usefulness of quick thumbnail sketches

  • Tonality - tonal composition and managing tonality

  • Colour mixing and colour harmony

  • Working quickly with big shapes and big brushes

  • Keeping your painting “open”

  • Reading your own work and working out your own approach

We will use oil paint on a number of small works or studies, playing with different compositions for the same subject. We will also look at different ways of approaching a subject matter, and different painterly approaches when working with still life – for example, building a painting in one sitting versus building it up over a period of time.

Meet Bairbre

Bairbre Duggan, Self portrait

Bairbre Duggan, Self portrait

The Schoolhouse for Art is delighted to welcome Irish artist Bairbre Duggan to our Teaching Studio!

To make a painting you need a starting point. Mine happens to be in the real world, usually a person, place or living thing.  

- Bairbre Duggan

Bairbre Duggan lives and works in Amsterdam. Her training was a traditional figurative one (Wackers Academie, Amsterdam) , but also academic, with a Masters in History of Art (Trinity College, Dublin).

Her work is inspired by painters past and present, too numerous to list! Committed to her practice, Bairbre admits she is constantly brought back to the easel by the complex process of looking, the flexing of the perceptual muscles, and the balancing act required to bring a work to completion.

Still Life is one of the mainstays of Bairbre’s practice. In her still lives, she tends to opt for simple set ups, often with flowers and fruit and working on a small scale.

Bairbre’s work has been accepted into the Zomerexpo 2014, the Royal Hibernian Academy Summer Exhibition, and hangs in private collections in Europe, the UK, the US, Asia and Africa. Bairbre has also carried out a number of portrait commissions internationally, she exhibits regularly, and takes part in selected international painting festivals.



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