Tuesday (Evening) x 4 | Oil Painting for Beginners & Advanced | Vincent Keeling


Tuesday (Evening) x 4 | Oil Painting for Beginners & Advanced | Vincent Keeling

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Tuesday Evening : 7pm - 9pm

Block 2: April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd COMPLETED

Block 3: April 30th, May 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th (note this is a 5 week block €130.00)

Block 4: June 11th, 18th & 25th, 2nd July (Online booking closed, please contact us for details.)

Block 5: July 30th, August 6th, 13th, 20th

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The idea behind Vincent’s ‘Oil Painting Suitable for Beginners’ evening class, is to help artists of varying ability to work well with oil. Many of us wish to give drawing and painting a go, but really do not know where to start. This class is perfect. Vincent will bring artists of different levels one step at a time on the journey of beginning to feel confident or developing confidence about painting with oil. This class will provide an easy going relaxed atmosphere..

Rather than a focused workshop, here you will choose the subject you wish to paint and each student will have a different project. This is important because at an early stage in painting, like anything we compare ourselves with others.

Vincent will spend 20-30 mins at the opening class validating reference material and briefing students on the material they have chosen.    But in preparation ensure the material is detailed but not complicated, ensure it is a high enough resolution image, and if printed that's it's printed on proper photo paper rather than regular paper, (this does not show the colours and tones properly).                              

Vincent himself has tackled a diverse range of subjects and genres over his many years of painting, and so whatever your preference, whether that be still life, landscape, animal or wildlife, portraiture or figure studies; whether playful or serious, Vincent will be happy to guide you through the process: And with this guidance, it is hoped that through a gradual exploration of your own painting project, you will begin to absorb the fundamentals that go into making a painting; It’s all about learning the skill (or improving the skill you did not know existed) slowly in a relaxed and convivial environment, forgetting about your day to day worries for a while and finding the joys to be found in exploring and unlocking your creativity.

For more detail about how vincent tutors and works click here www.vincentkeeling.com

Materials List

Photo reference with a canvas (or canvas board) of the same ratio. Good examples would be a photo reference printed at 8x8" with a 16x16" canvas, 8x10" photo with a 16x20" canvas, 8x11 photo with a 16x22" canvas, or a 8x12" photo with a 16x24 inch canvas. (All sizes in inches.)

Canvas or canvas board (that fits the photo reference!)

Oil paints, Brushes .

Linseed oil or Liquin

Palette – either wooden or disposable palette sheets

Palette cups, also known as dippers

2 or 3 jars with at least one lid (Schoolhouse for Art, have a lot of these)

Kitchen paper for cleaning up

2b Pencil, sharpener and eraser

 Also nice to have the following

Palette Knife

Small funnel from hardware

Lint free microfibre clothes

Odourless Turpentine/Solvent (such as Sansodor)

NOTE: To get the most out of this course it is important to arrive prepared. Painting isn’t just about the brushes and paint, the basic supply list above (A really detailed one will be sent to you if you are really enthusiastic) is useful but what is important for students of this class, is to choose reference material wisely. Ensure that the image that you wish to achieve is manageable, bringing a good clear photo reference of your chosen subject., and if you have no drawing experience have a quick look at how to get started with a grid system, getting the right size canvas for the reference is essential Vincent also recommends student of this course not to do a portrait, is consideration is that from our image of ‘a tree’ what we paint will still look like a tree, but with a portrait, things can happen! - of course if you really do a portrait this is certainly fine.

About Vincent


Vincent Keeling is a Dublin born artist who has been painting with oils for almost thirty years. In this time Vincent has exhibited in numerous well known galleries on the Dublin art scene: Combridge Fine Arts, Sol Art, The Oisin Gallery, The Doorway Gallery as well as exhibiting at The Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition.

In addition to this Vincent set up and ran his own gallery from 2009- 2015 where he not only displayed and promoted his own work but that of many other well known Irish artists, including Jimmy Lawlor, Chris McMorrow, Sharon McDaid, Paul Kerr, Laura Mulligan, John Kirwan and Vincent’s former teacher Brian McCarthy.

In these gallery years Vincent’s own painting took a back seat, but since 2015 he has returned to his own work with renewed vigour and with a desire to not only continue his own learning, but also to build upon his art teaching career that began in The Keeling Gallery’s latter years.


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