June | Two Day | Fantasy Illustration | Pamela Silin-Palmer |


June | Two Day | Fantasy Illustration | Pamela Silin-Palmer |


Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June

10am- 4.30pm

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About this Illustration Workshop

This oil painting illustration workshop will give students the opportunity to share their creative ideas, developing them into stories and bringing them to life on canvas. Pamela will guide participants in setting up balanced, well-designed compositions for their fantasy illustrations, utilising effective visual story-telling techniques. Students will be supported in harnessing the energy of their imaginations, propelling their viewer into a unique, fantastic world!

Put forth your ideas that tell a story in paint!

Meet Pamela


Pamela Silin-Palmer moved to Ireland with her Irish artist husband, Patrick Palmer, from California in 2004. In America, Pamela worked as a nationally recognised decorative artist /designer and illustrator for over 30 years.

Her studio, has been lauded by such publications as Architectural Digest for being a creative force in West Coast decorative art, produced paintings, murals, fantasy furniture, fabrics and ceramic ware for some of the leading celebrities, international and corporate clients

In the United States she was represented in Beverly Hills, New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, San Francisco and other major American cities in high end designer showrooms and galleries.

Through her representation she created art for clients such as the Disney Hotels, Paris and The Grand Floridian; stars like Bette Midler, Jay Leno, writer Danielle Steele, executives such as the CEO of Guess Jeans, Mr. George Marciano, the president of Ford Motors, Mr. Don Peterson, and Bill Gates -Prince of High Tech, to name a very few.

Pamela is also an illustrator of beautiful collector childrens' books, including: Rizzoli, Milan: The Nightingale and the Wind 1998 Random House, N.Y.: Bunny and The Beast, 2001; Sleeping Bunny, 2003; and Unicorn Wings 2005

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Materials Required

Oil paints, variety of colours

Brushes, variety of sizes

Low Odour Solvent - Sansodor for example (PLEASE NO WHITE SPIRIT IS PERMITTED IN THE STUDIO)

Painting surface of choice (stretched canvas or board, it is recommended that artists bring something manageable, do not be over enthusiastic)

Pamela will supply a beautiful bouquet to work from, plus many books featuring images of animals, plants, and various forms as reference.

A student  certainly should be encouraged to bring your own ideas, a story to tell, a memory, an experience, something visual that you love -something amusing to play with in the mind's eye! Physical references may include photos, storybook volumes.

Linseed Oil

Old Clothing