November | Two Day | Watercolour Workshop | Aine Divine


November | Two Day | Watercolour Workshop | Aine Divine


Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd November

10am - 5pm

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About Aine


We are delighted to be welcoming Aine Divine back in 2019, she has become our more-than-welcome regular! Her workshops are a real treat for our students. Aine is a portrait artist and art teacher. Originally from Co. Cork, she graduated in 1991 from the Crawford College of Art and Design and in 1995 gained a Higher Diploma in art teaching. Now living in Roslin, Midlothian she teaches, paints, and is a mum to "three wonderful girls".

Aine was shortlisted for the Irish National Portrait Award three years in a row and was an award winner in 1993. In 2005, she painted Mo Mowlam for BBC 1's 'Star Portraits' and was delighted that her portrait was chosen to keep. In 2007, she painted Olympic triple jumper, Jonathan Edwards, her commissioned portraits went on to include footballers for the Hibernian Historical Society and winners of the British Open Golf Championship.

Aine was a finalist in the Sky Arts portrait artist of the year award 2014, painting singer Neil Hannon in the first round, a double portrait of Richard Dawkins and Sally Hitchner in the semi-final, RSC voice coach Cicely Berry, and then, Sir Ian McKellen for the final.

One of Aine's self-portraits was selected for exhibition in the Royal Watercolour Society's annual contemporary art show at the Bankside Gallery in London in 2014 and won the Heatherleys Studio Award. Aine has also won Winsor and Newton awards for her portrait of Matthew in the same show in 2013, and for 'Carolina in Gold' in 2015. Aine exhibits widely in Scotland and won the watermark award at the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour summer show last year for one of her many portraits of singer Lake Montgomery.

Aine's work is currently featured in The Artist and Artist and Illustrators magazine.


Aine's Plans for the Schoolhouse for Art Workshop

I am glad to have this invitation from friends in Ireland and the Schoolhouse for Art itself to share the joy of painting expressive watercolour portraits with you.

During this workshop I want to freely share with you the techniques I find useful when painting portraits from life in watercolour. But more than that I want to pass on ways I have found, of allowing the creative flow to be engaged. To emphasise the importance of being fully present; connecting to the earth beneath our feet, to the air we breathe. To find our way to the stillness within, where our personal creative power resides. Inspiration is at the core of what I do. I am inspired to draw out that astonishing brightness we hold within us. A colour and rhythm that is ours alone. 

The best compliment anyone can give me at the end of a workshop is to say; "I am inspired". What a gift! To be instrumental in a creative revolution that recognises all human beings as the artists we are. I believe this is the medicine we and our world needs. Let us together take responsibility for our creative expression, and in doing so make the world a richer place. I am heartened to see the phrase 'Therapy for the imagination' on the Home page here. I'm sure we will be a good fit!

Workshop Details


Here’s an idea of what to expect on this workshop. I will begin each day with a demonstration and take the opportunity to discuss ways I ease myself into the painting process. I’m a great believer in looking after ourselves as we go to paint, and being aware of the physical body.  So I’ll be encouraging you to remember to breathe and generally look after yourself, keeping a radar up for any tension that may arise. I find we are then more willing to take that joyful leap of faith needed when painting from life.  

I’ll also explain practical things, like what colours to mix to represent the shadows on the skin, the hair and so on. We will look at ways of using the flat brushes to explain the position of the features, and the general forms of the model, swiftly and with ease. I’ll also demonstrate lifting-off, so that you can feel the freedom of being able to lay the colour down with confidence, knowing you can ‘eat into it’ like a rubber in charcoal later on. 

I will encourage you to be fully attentive to the shapes that make up the model, to steady yourself and observe in the way needed for painting. As the day goes on I will see each person individually and, if it helps, I’ll do little demonstrations from your viewpoint, and discuss whatever comes up for you as you paint. There really is great joy to be had in working from life in this way, looking and painting down our fresh discoveries moment by moment.  

We will stop painting at 4pm every day, so we have the opportunity to have a look at the lovely paintings that evolved during the day

I look forward very much to assisting you over the 2 days!



Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided throughout the day. We will stop for an hour at lunchtime, when you can either eat in one of the many cafes in Enniskerry village. (Alternatively of course you can bring a packed lunch - and eat al fresco in the Schoolhouse for Art sculpture garden weather permitting!


Easels, boards, tables and water containers will be provided. I will also have paper for you to buy  - you can expect to use one or two each day.

Please bring masking tape and kitchen roll.

Here are the colours I recommend in tubes

(I use Windsor and newton professional tubes, but Cotman or something similar are also fine)
Viridian green
Alizarin crimson
Ultramarine Blue
Vandyke brown
Sap Green
Cadmium red
Cadmium lemon yellow
Yellow ochre
Cerulean blue
Windsor orange (optional)
Burnt sienna (optional)

You will also need a palette (or a couple of white plastic plates will do)

You can order the set of three craft brushes here, or buy them at The Range (good for lifting off)

You can order the flat 2" Brush here 

(Or you can go for the full 'Aine Divine' Set here