July & August | Two x 4 Day | Landscape & Seascape Summer School | Brenda Malley

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July & August | Two x 4 Day | Landscape & Seascape Summer School | Brenda Malley

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Week 1 : July 22, 23, 24, & 25 (Mon- Thurs)

Week 2 : August 19, 20, 21 & 22 (Mon - Thurs)

10am - 4.00pm

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About Brenda’s summer school

Summer Holidays are the perfect time to develop your painting and sketching practice, with these combined Plein Air-and-Studio, Four Day courses!

For artists of all levels and abilities, working in oil, watercolour and/or pencils.

You will be introduced to landscape painting and sketching , with sessions divided between studio time and working outdoors. As weather permits, we will take advantage of the fabulous choice of scenery at the doorstep of the Schoolhouse for Art – options may include : Powerscourt Gardens, Knocksink Forest, Scalp Rose Garden - and of course, our own lovely village of Enniskerry.

Outdoor sketching will strengthen your ability to identify the drama of the scene, define the best composition, observe proportion, gauge perspective and see the changing effects of light and shade.

Indoors, through a series of demonstrations, Brenda will share her sketch- to- painting process; developing lively observations into fully realised and refined paintings!



About Brenda

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Brenda is a professional artist and art instructor, with over 20 years experience conducting painting classes and workshops in Ireland and the south of France.

Brenda has a special interest in landscape and seascape painting, her preferred medium is oil paint applied with a palette knife to fully express the vitality and energy of her subject. 

Her work is represented by the Trinity Gallery in Dublin and the Whitethorn Gallery in Clifden. She has exhibited in London and Cannes as well as receiving a Culture Ireland award for a solo exhibition in Boston. Recently her work has been added to the Collection of the OPW (Office of Public Works, Ireland), May 2019.

Brenda takes particular pleasure in sharing the creative journey with her students and fellow artists through the workshops and classes that she teaches in Ireland and in France. 

Brenda has an amazing capacity to ensure that each student attending her classes, workshops or summer schools get the attention they deserve, and more.


Materials Required

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Materials List:
Canvas or board
Selection of brushes Fold-up Easels, if possible, or Sketchbooks for the outdoor sessions
Palette knife, preferably oval tip
Disposable palette pad

Watercolour palette, brushes and water vessel
If Using Oil

Dippers to hold medium
Odour free thinner such as Sansodor, and a jam jar for cleaning brushes
Liquin or linseed oil
Kitchen towels and baby wipes
Oil paints to include the following colours or similar:
Titanium white
Ultramarine blue
Cerulean blue
Cadmium red (hue)
Magenta or alizarin
Cadmium yellow light (hue)
Yellow ochre
Burnt Sienna
These colours allow for a warm and a cool of each primary, plus viridian and burnt sienna which are particularly useful for seascape painting.

I have just finished a very enjoyable two day course with Brenda. The class was very relaxed but very informative. Brenda is a great teacher and very generous with her time and knowledge. I would highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to try palette knife or for anyone wanting to improve their skills.

The Schoolhouse is in a beautiful setting within the village of Enniskerry...
— Alan S