Wednesday (Evening) x 5 | Porcelain Plaster Model, Mold Making & Slip Casting | Kate O'Kelly

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Wednesday (Evening) x 5 | Porcelain Plaster Model, Mold Making & Slip Casting | Kate O'Kelly


May 29th, June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

7pm - 9.30pm

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About this course

Slip casting from everyday throwaway plastic and packaging.

Create a unique handmade set of dishes, drinking vessels or sculptures to be treasured. Using Imaginative and innovative casting methods explore the process of slip casting. Participants will have the opportunity to create a small batch of unique porcelain objects. The class will introduce participants to the techniques and skills needed to form a model, make a plaster mold from that model and produce slip cast objects from that mold. Surface decoration and Glazing will also be covered along with experimental approaches to casting with coloured or marbled slip.

The first class will be a demonstration on how to use everyday packaging as the raw material to make a plaster model, the demo will include the introduction to slip casting. The following classes will then use identified raw materials for preparing and making the students own individualised piece.

The course in considered suitable to all levels, the class will be kept small in numbers to ensure individual attention at the level of experience of each participant.

About Kate

Kate O’Kelly is an Irish maker, working primarily with ceramics, slip casting and model making.


Since graduating from NCAD in 2013 O’Kelly received awards including Future Makers Innovation Award, Future Maker Practitioner Award, the Golden Fleece Merit prize and the RDS Emerging Maker award in 2017.

With an interest in the use of digital technology within craft practices Kate has been developing new processes for model making. With over 7 years experience teaching various levels within education and learning programs she is a welcome asset to the Schoolhouse for Art. She is currently based at Glendarragh Studios in Wicklow.

Kates practice is centred on process and material, in particular the use of digital tools and technologies combined with traditional techniques. She is passionate about the material she works with, and is continuously developing new tools and processes, exploring its versatility.

Combining traditional materials and techniques such as porcelain and sip casting, with new technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting is part of her ongoing research. Kate is a highly skilled and motivated practitioner, dedicated to the field of Ceramic Art and Design.

She has 5 years experience working within these discipline as both a professional craftsperson and educator. Since graduating she has actively pursued new opportunities to develop her practice and broaden her skills and knowledge of ceramics as a material, through a varied range of experiences. These include a number of residencies, lecturing and prototyping for industry.

Materials Required

Each participant should bring a small to medium sized bucket (catering sized mayonnaise tub for example)

Clean sponge ( regular dish sponge)

A fat round brush ( for example a shaving brush)

Old clothes

A ruler

Old Credit car/used gift voucher etc for scraping)

Kitchen spatula

A couple of sheets of sandpaper

Sieve plastic or metal