An Introduction to the paintings of david McEwen

This November the Schoolhouse Gallery is delighted to welcome artist David McEwen to exhibit a selection of his works. 

The exhibition "An introduction to the paintings of David McEwen" will take place from Friday the 24th launching at 6:30pm. The Gallery will be open on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th from 9:30 am to 5pm. 

About David 

"I trained at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne under Victor Passmore and qualified as a Teacher of Art and Drama in the 70’s . After some years in Adult and Secondary Education I decided to become a Full-Time painter and for the next five years I completed about 700 Commissions and I had only one regret, that I hadn’t done it sooner. I was really learning my craft.

In 1977 I put my wandering shoes on and moved to The South of France to open a Painting Holiday Centre which worked successfully for the next twenty years. Although teaching took up much time I continued to paint, both for myself and commissioned pieces for Olympic Riders and Owners, Marine Companies, Husbands for Wives, Wives for Husbands, Children and other Animals for their owners.

During the Off Season I travelled to The U.S. several times to exhibit and teach. Exhibitions in California, Florida and South Carolina lead to invitations to give demonstrations in all three States and two semi-permanent Exhibitions in some really nice Galleries. The most interesting of these trips, however, were invitations to go to The Falkland Islands to paint Horses, Ships and Wild Life on South Georgia.

I’m told that I paint too many different things …. That I should specialise …. I disagree, I paint things that I want to Celebrate, things that give me a buzz.

Apart from telling you that I believe in Hogwarts, Narnia and Middle Earth that I’m giftedly clumsy and have no intention of ever growing up."

 A selection of works by David McEwen