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With DoodleSoup at Schoolhouse for Art, young imaginations are nurtured and creative play is encouraged. Every voice is heard and respected in our courses and no idea is too big or too small. Students are encouraged to listen to one another and build on each other’s work and ideas.


Animation appeals to different students on different levels: intellectual, visual, visceral and kinaesthetic to name a few.

Each student gets one-to-one time to contribute to a class short film. The animations created in class are later edited with sound and credits.

The result? A complete animated movie that can be shared proudly with friends and family. The kids have complete autonomy with character design, scene development and the physical act of animation.

The kids also design and animate their own title sequence, including coming up with the name … and creating sound effects!

'Hippy Reunion 1981' is a short stop-motion, animated film.
It was written, directed and animated by a small class of kids ages 9-12
at the Schoolhouse for Art, in Wicklow, Ireland.


For those who wish to concentrate on Illustration and drawing, they will be lead by artist, Sinead Lawless, who will steer them and guide them to enhance their existing skill set. Each student will be assessed individually and creative difference will be celebrated amongst the group.

Illustration is about learning drawing basics and helping students to explore and develop their own styles in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Students will learn about observation, proportion and shape and develop building blocks for creating their own characters.

Doodling has been found to improve focus and memory and benefit cognition. The course includes fun exercises to help build drawing confidence.

Modules Include

  • Illustration
  • Plasticine modelling
  • Principles of animation
  • Claymation
  • Stop-motion
  • Flipbooks
  • Sound Effects
  • Lots of fun!!!

All materials supplied!

What is DoodleSoup?

DoodleSoup consists of creative brother and sister team, Dave & Sinead Lawless. Together they facilitate fun art workshops & classes in illustration & animation.

About the Tutors

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