Intermedate Watercolour Weekend Workshop | Angela Emason-West

Have you felt the need to progress your water colour painting skills?

Angela believes that EVERY BODY! can progress With ease when the correct information is past on. You can learn how to truly “see with you eyes and not with your brain”, develop good techniques and material knowledge.

This two day water colour painting workshops  took place in August. it was aimed at intermediate artists. Or those who are continuing to paint and just need that bit of a enthusiastic refresher this would be the course for you.

Students learned how to paint the first basic techniques of water colour painting {Just as a refresher to assess where you are} Angela will demonstrated many watercolor techniques: all through the tehnical range from wet on wet to pouring { which is a really interesting process.}Training the eye to simplify. shape hunting capturing the essence of a scene, light to dark, Lost and found edges, wet edges, dry edges, textured edges, controlling edges ...or not. Washes and bleeds: color mixing on the paper and on the palette - keeping clean tones. Transparent washes, layering washes, Over the two days, Angela focused on helping Students to further their own natural way of working and enhance what they already knew. 

To put their new skills to the test students then painted at least one painting of the own from a choice of two photographs, to take home ! 


"Make and Take with: At least one unframed water colour painting ready for framing and more so the ability to take your new found skills further.Your basic techniques will be mounted in to a group for further reference

Skills Learnt: Basic water colour painting skills, such as stretching paper,colour selection. knowledge on paper choices, brush techniques, palette mixing , brush care and choices,, keeping colours clean, mixing colours[ on paper and in the palette}, g wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush techniques."

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