Intensive Still Life in Oil | Conor Walton

During this masterclass Artists completed a simple still life using a single form. The students all brought interesting objects to paint including batch bread , sliced pan's, Jugs , garlic bulbs and bags of fruit.

The workshop began with an introductory talk and set-up of still life, artists then commenced their  preparatory drawing, either on paper or directly on their canvas in charcoal/white chalk (acrylic primed and roughened with acrylic clear gesso base or impasto medium.  There were small breaks as well as a longer  break for lunch. 

After the break Conor gave a talk on colour theory, the limited palette, and naturalistic painting.  Artists then commenced painting until the close of the day, with accurate empowering guidance.  The opening of Day 2  artists recommenced their painting.  Prior to lunch Conor offered a slideshow of his work, for discussion. After the break for lunch there was an insightful talk on the physical and chemical characteristics of paint.  Artists continued painting until finish on Sunday evening.

Some of the students work from Day 1  during the workshop


About Conor

Conor Walton was born in Dublin, he lives in Wicklow with his partner Jane and 3 children. He sees himself as a figurative painter in the European tradition, attempting to maintain his craft at the highest level, using paint to explore issues of truth, meaning and value.  All his paintings are attempted answers to the three questions in the title of Gauguin's famous painting: 'Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?".  Conor studied at NCAD in Dublin, and also at the University of Essex in the UK,.  He studied painting and old-master techniques in Florence Italy, with Charles H. Cecil.

He is the holder of many awards including 3 prize Still life category, International ARC Salon (2014-2015) he was also the finalist and sitter's choice, Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2014, Dublin heat. Conorhas a wonderful list of Solo exhibitions