Angela Emsen West

Angela was born in Liverpool in the early 50's and always felt that drawing and painting was her calling. This was her big dream as she grew up. “I suppose dreams and reality are worlds apart, however, with a lot of heart and a bit of luck dreams can happen.”

As the youngest of her children went to school she decided to take an art foundation course.  She realised very quickly that it was not for her.  She would have liked to learn techniques and that was not what the course was about, with hindsight Angela realised she needed to earn a living so changed tack to a fashion and design course instead! The fashion industry was really tough and maybe she was not tough enough, because around 15 years ago Angela fell ill but sometimes out of difficulty great things happen.   She could now paint to her hearts content. As well as painting again she was giving herself therapy (art is so therapeutic) something the Schoolhouse or Art recognises.