Bairbre Duggan

To make a painting you need a starting point. Mine happens to be in the real world, usually a person, place or living thing.
— Bairbre
Self portrait 2 small.JPG

Bairbre took a circuitous route to painting. Starting out in art school, but not finding her groove, she left and studied for a Masters degree in art history instead. Having moved to Amsterdam, she finally found an academy which offered the contemporary figurative training she was looking for. She now teaches drawing and painting at this school. For her it is a huge privilege to be allowed to pass on what she knows to her students, and she loves every minute of her classes.

Bairbre paints predominantly people and things, otherwise known as portraits and still lives. She approaches portraiture in the same way she approaches all painting. 

Bairbre exhibits regularly, takes part in festivals internationally and her work is in public and private collections. She was shortlisted for the Dutch Portrait Prize in 2019. 

To learn more about Bairbre and her work, visit her website here.