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The work of creating art distracts the mind and fuels the imagination. The created work of art rekindles pride and restores self-belief

‘Schoolhouse for Art’ is in essence a facility for the study and exploration of arts and crafts. Located in ‘the old schoolhouse’ in the heart of Enniskerry village it is an exhibition space and a meeting place where images and ideas mingle. It caters for all ages and all abilities. The former school playground is a natural arena facing the clock tower, a three-dimensional canvas to display an evolving gallery of large pieces of sculpture. ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ is also a host to visiting artists from across the globe who want to paint the surrounding inspiring countryside and experience the unparalleled Irish hospitality.

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A hive of creativity. What a wonderful place to work, study, paint, sculpt, draw or just enjoy the surroundings.
Apart from the setting and the lovely little eateries just across the road, all the teachers in the centre could not be more encouraging and positive, to help you on your way to produce your own piece of art. To drive along those heavenly roads on the way to Enniskerry will fill you with enthusiasm even before you get to the Schoolhouse For Art.
— Sheelagh
Great classes going on here all year round, in so many different disciplines - painting, drawing, cardmaking, printing, sculpture and many many other fantastic creative lessons. What a fabulous use for an old schoolhouse - to encourage people to get involved in the visual Arts and to engender a lifelong love of all things artistic.
Even walking by, the sculptures and carvings in the garden are a fantastic visual spectacle. This is a marvellous amenity in Enniskerry, and a great reason to visit the village with its little shops and cafés, snuggled in the foothills of Wicklow.
— Gracie A from London, visited July 2016

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